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Is Education really a Rat-Race in India?

Is Education really a Rat-Race in India?
Recently I had read in the article that, in India every year engineering passing outs are equal to the population of Switzerland, but the irony is that on the innovation index, India occupies a position somewhere in the 80’s whereas Switzerland grabs the first. This instance is enough to make us understand that what we are heading towards.




Being a student you must have faced situations where one of your friends was given the utmost priority in school and even your parents did not leave any chance to praise them. Reason being the marks that your friend scored were much higher than yours and also stood up to their expectations. Have you ever taken the initiative of thinking why? Why is your friend being given that much importance? Well, the reason is “the rat race”. The rat race of the education system in India, which was proposed for man-making but is now more inclined towards the race of scoring points in exams.




There are few points which came in my mind that relevant to the above discussion.


1.     In school times if student have a good CGPA or Percentage then the student considered as talented and intelligent person. He or she have at most priority in class. This situation changes the mentality of other students also. Due to this around 35% students converts their mind set.


2.     All his relatives make him as an ideal person and force their children to learn like him. Due to this 15% students changes their mind sets and start’s studying for marks.


3.     Some students who don’t have any interest on studies. They go to schools or colleges for their parents. This people will concentrate on pass marks only. In every class nearly 10% of people present.


4.     Remaining people starts studying for knowledge. But out of these nearly 10-15% of students changes their thinking because of different reasons. In those, one example, joined an uninterested branch.




So, finally in a class we can find nearly 10-15% of people who try to improve their knowledge as much as possible. So, “rote learners/muggers/repeating parrots” are not applicable to these people. Apart from these things, to study in India people need either money or marks and also if a student wants a job, he must need more than cutoff marks.




The actual purpose of man-making has been overshadowed and is now only based on our parents will. We want to score good points for our parents and not to fulfill our dreams. There is an alarming percentage of students suffering from the intolerable burden of shame and failure imposed by their parents and hothouse approach to schooling. After going to realize that our society become like a Rapunzel trapped in an isolated tower and are not ready to accept that there are other careers apart from being an engineer and doctor.


Education has become a manifest in the present times and is merely a tool that can help you gain a financially sound future. This is the reason why our parents tend to decide our future because they feel that we are not capable enough to make mature decisions for our lives. But, financially security is not the only motive to make your child educated. It can never be the end goal of education. If parents wish to have a bright future for their children, they need to understand the actual purpose of the educational structure which is man-making i.e. the spiritual, intellectual and materialistic development of your child. They also need to accept that there is a broader spectrum for the creative line of people.






Courtesy: Mr. Siddhant Ranjan

Department of Civil Engineering (2017-21)