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Love is Gender Free

Love is Gender Free
We have recently got aware about the section 377 had been decriminalised for the right to love. The supreme court’s marking judgement decriminalising gay sex is the social morality that cannot harm any constitutional morality. Now the LGBTQ community has its own face to rise and shine in our society. There is nothing wrong in the law, treating people having sex irrespective of the gender. The court has upheld homosexuals’ right to have intimate relations with the people of their choice, their inherent right to privacy and dignity and the freedom to live without fear. The outcome was not expected.
Earlier, when the courts considered Section 377, the litigation was initiated by voluntary organisations cavalier leading to harm the emotions of the LGBTQ community. But apart from all these rush created our court has its own judgement to go through the heart of the frontiers of personal freedom. Justice Indu Malhotra stroked a poignant note when she says history owes an apology to the LGBTQ community for the delay in providing the redress. The dilution of Section 377 marks a welcome departure from centuries of heteronormative thinking.
We all must welcome this termination of section 377 and make love beyond the gender issues.
And I affirmably state that yes “LOVE IS IN THE AIR.”
Courtesy: Ms. Ankita Kumari
Department of Computer Science Engineering (2016-20)