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The first-ever alumni meet of R.V.S College of Engineering and Technology (RVSCET), Jamshedpur, held in Bangalore, witnessed an overwhelming turnout and nostalgic reminiscences.
Alumni from various batches spanning decades congregated at the prestigious venue to reconnect, network, and celebrate the enduring spirit of their alma mater. The event, held at the courtyard banquet, in Indiranagar, Bangalore provided a perfect platform for former classmates to rekindle old friendships, exchange professional insights, and forge new alliances.
The occasion commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tiwari, Principal of RVSCET, who expressed gratitude to all attendees for their enthusiastic participation. This was followed by interactive sessions, and panel discussions, covering diverse topics ranging from career advancement to industry trends.
One of the highlights of the event was the felicitation of distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. Their inspiring success stories served as a source of motivation for the younger generation of RVSCET graduates present at the reunion.

Throughout the day, the air was heartfelt conversations and the joy of reconnecting with long-lost friends and mentors. The alumni shared fond memories of their college days, recalling anecdotes, and academic triumphs, and shared experiences that shaped their lives.

Reflecting on the success of the event, Dr. Vikram Sharma, Head of Training and placement of the RVSCET remarked, “The overwhelming response to our first alumni meet in Bangalore is a testament to see our alumni thriving in diverse fields and coming together to celebrate shared heritage.” The inaugural alumni reunion of RVSCET Jamshedpur in Bangalore concluded on a high note, with attendees expressing eagerness for future gatherings and collaborative initiatives aimed at giving back to their alma mater.