Campus life is undoubtedly the most cherished memory for a student and RVSCET ensures that discipline is properly coupled with a more than adequate share of fun and excitement. Students share an open and transparent bond with the faculty and other staff members and everybody puts in their very best to make the Institute a great place to live and learn in.

The College, surrounded by lush green environment, is located in the picturesque setting of Dalma Hills and is close to Dimna Lake. It has a sprawling campus of 40 acres, surrounded with lots of green trees, which makes it a perfect place for professional learning. . Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the ambience is calm, green and perfect for students. RVSCET has it all and none of the pollution you’d find in a city.

RVSCET is an amazing place for students to continue their further studies after they are done with school and college. It is different from other institutions that offer higher education, in many ways. Apart from gaining a degree that is recognised all over the world, a student actually finishes off with an edge over the others, which is so important these days. Education in RVSCET is not just about books and classrooms. A student can achieve and accomplish many goals because of the easy access provided to a variety of facilities. RVSCET is second to none in this respect and the students are assured of the best results. Academics, personality development, honing special skills or whatever their area of interest might be, the students get complete support from the faculty and senior students.

It’s a new world and a completely new life for students stepping into RVSCET Education. New friends, a lively environment, experienced faculty, renewed ambitions and inspired goals are what every student can look forward to at RVSCET. With students from different religious and social backgrounds coming together, mutual trust and sociability develops instantly, and helps make their stay at RVSCET, a more homely and unified experience. RVSCET is all about opportunity. The opportunity to make the best of friends, to meet interesting people from all over India, to learn and grow under the guidance of the most respected academicians, to land the best of jobs and of course, to have the best time of your life.

Expectations and apprehensions faced by a freshman are immediately embraced by RVSCET. The clean and cosy hostel room, the helpful people and delicious mess food will surprise you and immediately make you feel at home. One of RVSCET’s merits is diversity.

Students, at RVSCET, learn to mingle with people from different cultures and socio economic backgrounds. The student- teacher relationship is very special. Each student gets a faculty member who acts as a mentor and is in charge of the student’s welfare. The students can approach their mentors with any problem they have, professional or personal. Teachers here are friends, philosophers and guide— ‘The Mentors’. This can be very comforting, especially during the first few days, when one is away from home. The institute takes students’ issues and problems very seriously.

At RVSCET, teachers see you at par with them as questions are answered and discussions are encouraged. This is perhaps why one finally feels the shift from school life to serious academia. Besides these, the state-of-the-art labs and other facilities make sure that once you step out into the industry, you have an edge over others. RVSCET takes the phrase, “All work and no play…” very seriously. Extracurricular activities like sports and cultural events are encouraged and nurtured. There are tennis and badminton courts, cricket, hockey, football fields and basketball courts. A swimming pool is also on the cards. There are many clubs, approved by RVSCET, which offer a variety of activities to choose from, like an adventure club, a literary club, an environment club and many more. The college fests are the most joyous time in RVSCET. The RVSCET’s ‘Frolic’ is all about colourful and competitive performances. Just like its name, ‘Frolic’ time is festive time in RVSCET. It sees the coming together of each and every member of the RVSCET family.

RVSCET and its surroundings are made up of hills and dales, which are pretty, scenic and inviting for all those with adventure on their minds. Jubilee Park, a 225-acre (0.91 km2) magnificent park for people of all ages to enjoy nature’s bounteous beauty, has a rose garden and a lake. It has an avenue of trimmed Ashok trees, and fountains and water cascades which run during the night. The river Subarnarekha can be seen winding away to the rising sun. The spectacular view of the Dalma Hill Range can be seen towards the north. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is located 10 km from Jamshedpur, north of Subarnarenkha river, they stretch 16 km from east to west, and extends over 195 sq km in the thick forest of Dalma Mountain Range, which is 3,000 ft high. It is accessible by road. Famous for herds of wild elephants. Barking deer, sloth bears, leopards, porcupines and tigers are the other main inhabitants. There are small hideouts within the sanctuary to view the wild animals in their natural habitat. Facilities for trekking and mountain climbing are also available. Dimna Lake, Not too far off, nestles at the foot of the Dalma hills, Dimna Lake is an artificial reservoir and one of the main sources for the city’s drinking water. The Lake has facilities for water sports like jetskiing, rowing and water scooting. Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers can have their pick of places to visit. RVSCET and nearby regions have many temples. The most popular among these temples are the BELDIH Kalibari Ashram, Gol Pahari Mandir, Rankini Mandir at Kadma, Bhuvaneshwari Mandir at Telco colony and KALI MANDIR, a temple of the Goddess Kali at Pardih, on the way to NH-33. The city is just half an hour away and makes a good day trip to catch the latest movies playing and may be do a little shopping.

RVSCET mixes and remixes fun, learning and growing up. The most important parts of your life are the years spent discovering who you are and what you want to be. There’s no place better than RVSCET to spend those precious years.