Internships and Industrial Training are known to be one of the most learning experiences in an undergraduate’s period of study. It is during this internship where students gain first exposure to the industry as their first step towards becoming a competent professional. At RVSCET, as a part of the curriculum, each student has to undertake summer training in companies of repute for duration of 6-8 weeks. Students are required to work on projects given to them either by sponsoring organization or selected by the students themselves. The project report is an intensive learning exercise for students to apply particular theoretical concepts into practical situations as experienced in an industrial environment.

The students gain valuable work experience through the internships provided, especially if students are looking to work in a specific career field. Since relevant work experience is one of the key qualifications companies look for when comparing candidates for a job or internship, completing several internships during college greatly increases the chances of being selected for a job after graduation. Though the students gain the knowledge required for succeeding in a specific career through the college courses and curriculum, Summer Internships are one of the best ways to develop the required skills necessary to gain the experience for succeeding in the corporate world.