Group Personal Accident Policy

The beneficiaries of Group Personal Accident (GPA) by reputed Insurance Companies in R. V. S. College of Engineering & Technology, Jamshedpur, are the Employees & their dependents as well as Students & their Parents supporting the Financial need of the Students. This Scheme is in practice since March 2016.
To avail of the benefit of Insurance for any disability/death due to an accident, the following documents must be furnished to the Institute by the Claimant (Employee’s Dependent, Student & their Parents) for onward processing with the Insurance Company :
1. Hospitalization Case documents in case of partial disability due to an accident.
2. Post-Mortem Report in case of death due to Accident.
3. Cancelled Cheque for both the above Cases in order to facilitate the Payment.

The Condition is that Students & Employees must be in Head Quarter at the time of the accident. However, this is not applicable to the case of Parents. This is for the general awareness of the Employee, Students & their Parents associated with the Institute.