The beneficiaries of Group Personal Accident (GPA) by reputed Insurance Companies in R. V. S. College of Engineering & Technology, Jamshedpur, are the Employees’ & their dependent as well as Students & their Parents supporting the Financial need of the Students. This Scheme is in practice from March 2016.

To avail the benefit of Insurance for any disability/death due to Accident, the following documents must be furnished to the Institute by the Claimant (Employee’s Dependent, Student & their Parents) for onward processing with the Insurance Company :

  1. Hospitalization Case documents in case of partial disability due to Accident.
  2. Post-Mortem Report in case of death due to Accident.   
  3. Cancelled Cheque for both the above Cases in order to facilitate the Payment.

The Condition is that Students & Employees must be in Head Quarter at the time of Accident. However, this is not applicable for the case of Parents.
This is for general awareness of the Employee, Students & their Parents associated with the Institute.