We understand importance of your private policy and place herewith in regard to collection, use and dissemination of personal information collected by this website. This is a documentation to make you understand the terms and condition under which personal information is provided to this website. It may please be noted that other than the domain of RVSCET the policy shall be ineffective to the websites that may be accessible from external links provided in various pages of this website. To avoid threats from very nature of internet technology, this policy may be updated from time to time, which shall be posted in private policy page. In order to use and continue with this website your acceptance to the terms and policy need to be indicated.


While one can use parts of this website without providing any personal information, certain sections will only be accessible after registering in the website by providing specific data. The information collected by RVSCET will be used strictly for the purpose stated at the time of collection. Such information ordinarily neither be shared with a third party, nor shall be used for any commercial purposes. However, RVSCET may share the collected information to its deciding bodies, agents, consultants and others who are required to know the information. The authority of RVSCET may also divulge the information to third parties, including law enforcement officials, courts and others based on its discretion.


Any information which are not personal, like, IP addresses, web browser and operating system details, browsing habits, demographical and geographic data and other similar information may be logged and used to analyze and extrapolate information about general user behavior within the domain of RVSCET website. The information even though made public, cannot be tracked to particularized users, as IP addresses are not linked to any access to identify user. Only in exception cases, based on merit, may be handed out third parties.


Cookies are small bits of data that may be transferred to the user’s hard drive when he logs in or accesses a particular part of the website. These are used for a variety of purposes including authentication and can be blocked by reconfiguring the appropriate settings in web browser. Cookies can be removed from the user’s hard drive whenever he/she wishes through his/her browser options. Information collected through cookies cannot be traced back to the user as it contains no personally identifiable data like name, address or phone number.


Certain personal information is asked to put in RVSCET online form. On one’s submission, it would be understood to have one’s consent to RVSCET storing and use of the information for the needful processing.


Despite the fact that  data  transmission medium and digital transmission over the internet can rarely be completely secure, every effort is made at our end (RVSCET) to keep the collected data safe and secured. Though all provided information shall be stored in a secure manner in RVSCET domain, in situations, beyond control, no guarantee is possible to extend.