Civil Engineering is a highly respected field that has played a crucial role in society’s development and progress. Through this degree program, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to design and manage a wide range of infrastructure projects, from buildings and water systems to transportation networks. Graduates are in high demand across a variety of industries and have the potential to pursue advanced research and study in this exciting and rewarding field.

Our Vision

1. To educate, inspire and mentor future leaders of our profession that will meet 21st century challenges in global economy.

2. To enhance employability and entrepreneurial skills through in house and onsite training.

3. To implant moral and ethical values among students.

Our Mission

To develop the Civil Engineering Department as a platform of quality education for budding civil engineers with advanced infrastructural development and make them ethically strong to build our nation.

Our Mission

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Civil Engineering


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Civil Engineering

Course Description & Detail

Civil Engineering is an age-old profession and has been defined traditionally as a great art, on which the wealth the well-being of the society is dependent. The Civil Engineering degree course focuses on planning & design of Industrial and residential buildings, hydraulic structure, water supply, sanitation systems, transportation & its infrastructures. After the successful completion of course, graduate engineers have wide opportunities towns in private and public sectors and industries. Graduates also have scope for higher studies & research.

Our Expert Faculties

Prof. Krishna Murari

Associate Dean (Administration) & Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B.E Specialization: Structural Engineering Experience: 15 Years

Prof. Gangesh Kumar Thakur

Head Incharge & Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B.E Specialization: Fluids and Hydraulics Engineering Experience: Industry: 4 Years Teaching: 8 Years

Prof. Gayan Shankar Sharma

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech Specialization: Transportation Engineering Experience: Industry: 11 Years Teaching: 20 Years

Prof. Amit Prasad

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B. Tech Specialization: Structural Engineering Experience: Industry: 2 Years Teaching: 11 Years

Prof. Rajesh Kumar Paswan

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B. Tech Specialization: Environmental Engineering Experience: Industry: 4 Years Teaching: 9 Years

Prof. Ahmad Isar Makhdoomi

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B. Tech Specialization: Structural Engineering Experience: Industry: 3 Years Teaching: 3 Years

Prof. Manish Kumar

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B. Tech Specialization: Transport Science and Technology Experience: 3 Years

Prof. Laltu Yadav

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B. Tech Specialization: Water Resources Engineering Experience: 3 Years

Prof. Architesh Kumar Shubham

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, B.E Specialization: Geo-technical Engineering Experience: 1 Years


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LABORATORY : Department of Civil Engineering
The Department lays great emphasis on the aspect of correlating the theoretical knowledge with practical exposure. This is achieved by exposing the students to various laboratory sessions in all the domains of Civil Engineering. Various laboratories available in Civil Engineering Department are:

S.no Name of the Laboratory

  1. Fluid Mechanics & Open Channel Flow Lab :- Reynolds number apparatus, Flow through orifices, Impact of jets on vanes, Frictional Losses Through Pipes, Manning’s roughness coefficient, flow characteristics (open & pressure Flow).
  2. Computer Graphics Lab:- CAD Application, SAP 2000, STAAD PRO.
  3. Surveying Lab:-Total station (Geomax-TZ20), Distomat, Electronic Theodolite(ZIPP 02), Auto Level, Clinometer compass and other basic surveying instruments.
  4. Structural Analysis Lab-Clark Maxwell’s Reciprocal Theorem Apparatus , Redundant Joint Apparatus Deflection Of Truss Apparatus, Curved Member Apparatus, Elastic Properties Of Deflected Beam Apparatus, Two Hinged Arch Apparatus Tree Hinged Arch Apparatus ,Behavior Of Column And Strusts Apparatus , Experimental & Analytical Study Of Deformation In Bar-Beam Combination Experimental & Analytical Study Of 3 Bar Pin – Joint Truss.
  5. Geo – Tech Engineering Lab – Rapid Moisture Tester, Liquid Limit Device,Shrinkage Limit Apparatus,Unconfined Compression Apparatus, Laboratory Permeability Apparatus, Sand Pouring Cylinder Relative Density Apparatus, Constant Volume Mould , Vane-Shear Apparatus, Sampling Tube (Steel) Compaction Mould Compaction Rammer Light Consolidation Apparatus Lab. CBR Apparatus, Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus Electronic Balance Standard Test Sieves (75micron To 4.75mm) Direct Shear Test Apparatus , Hot Air Oven & Hydrometer .
  6. Environment Engineering Lab- Digital Turbidity Meter, Digital Spectrometer,Digital Conductive Meter, Digital pH Meter, Water Bath, Hot Air Oven, Bod Incubator, Acidity Testing Kit, Kjeldahl Distillation Unit .
  7. Transportation Engineering Lab.- Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine, Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus, Deval Attrition Testing Machine Aggregate, Crushing Value Apparatus, Universal Penetrometer Ductility Testing Machine, Thickness Gauge Length Gauge Ring & Ball Apparatus, Standard Tar Viscometer Cleveland Flash Fire Point Apparatus.
  8. Concrete Structures Lab- Slump Test Apparatus, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Flow Table Compression Testing Machine(Hydraulic), Le- Chatelier Mould Vicat Apparatus, Rebound Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse velocity Device, Vee-Bee Consistometer, Longitudinal Compressometer, Vibrating Table Digital Flexure Testing Machine.
  9. Water Resource Engineering Lab- Tilting Flume, Current Meter, Open Channel.
  10. Project Lab & Model Lab- Models of -Plate Girder Bridge, Lattice Bowsting Girder Bridge, Road Suspension Bridge RCC Deck Slab Bridge, RCC Balance Cantilever Bridge N Type Girder Truss, Lattice Type Truss Road Culvert With RCC Slab, Road Culvert Box Type Point & Crossing ( Railway Track) , Inter Locking ( Railway Track) Fully Panalled Door, Half Panalled Door, Ledger & Braced Door, Venetian Door, Louvered Window Dog Legged Stair Case, Spiral Stair Case King Post Truss, Joints Of Truss ( Set Of 4 Joints)

The Department of Civil Engineering have reference library with more than 250 books and various Standard Code like IS Codes, IRC Codes, Hand Books. This library is accessible to the faculty and students. The Staff and the students routinely visit and read the books.

 Particulars Numbers
1. Reference Books 125
2. Donated Books 50
3. Specimen Copy 23
4. Seminar Reports 90
5. IS-Codes 30
6. Project Reports 120
7. Question Papers 73
8. Answer Papers 73

 Name of the Book: Civil Engineering Drawing & House Planning

Name of the Author: Dr. B.P Verma

CE Physical and computing facilities our computing and facilities team work to effectively support the educational, research, and administrative goals of the department of Civil Engineering. This group strives effectively and quickly to respond the service requests from the CE community. It also evaluates and integrate emerging and appropriate technologies into the department.

Our expert faculties also help the department students to develop design, drawing & analysis of Civil Engineering structures by means of software such as Revit, ETABS, SAP 2000, Prokon, Auto-plotter, Global Mapper etc.

 Technical support is available during normal college hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm.

For more details kindly Contact: Prof. Krishna Murari

E-mail.: [email protected]

  •  Whether a student has engineering ideas to bring to life, or simply a student in need of resources for an engineering project, Civil Engineering innovation center can help. It provides access to various resources beneficial to interested engineering students such as surveying instruments, total station and other lab equipments related to soil, concrete and highway engineering.
    Kindly contact Prof. G K Thakur. Email: – [email protected]·
  • GATE Selection program for Civil Engineering students. A rigorous study programme for final and pre-final year students are conducted after college hour on alternate weekdays. which help students in topicwise doubt clearing, developing time bound problem-solving strategy and tricks.Email: – [email protected]
    For more details
    kindly Contact Prof. Ujjawal Prakash For more information on the Civil Engineering innovation center,


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  • “Preservation, Conservation & Restoration of Heritage Structures” by Er. N. K. Ojha, Green Building Consultant, GEO Designs and Research Private Limited, Vadodara & Lokpal – MGNREGA – Government of Gujarat on February 18, 2023,
  • One Week National Level Short Term Training Program (STTP) on “Sustainable Construction Material & Technologies (SCMAT)”, organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Padm. Dr. V. B. Kolte Collegeof Engineering, Malkapur in association with IQAC Cell- VBKCOE, Malkapur, ISTE- New Delhi & IE (I) Aurangabad Local Chapter, IQAC- SGBAU, Amravati.From 20th Feb to 24th Feb 2023
  • “Glamour in Concrete” by Er. Nagesh Puttaswamy, DGM, Zonal Head WT & RMDT (South) UltraTech Cement Ltd., Bangalore on October 22, 2022,
  • “Effect of Magnetic Water in Concrete” by Dr. R.Malathy, Professor & Dean (R&D), Civil Engineering, Sona College of Technology. October 8, 2022,

  1. He has published a paper on “Sustainable Urban Environment by using Transit Oriented Development: A case study in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India” in JETIR, Volume 09 Issue 06, June 2022, ISSN: 2349-5162.
  2. He has published a paper on “Effect of Mixed Traffic on Saturation Flow at Signalized Intersection in Sub-urban Area: A Case Study” in JETIR, Volume 09 Issue 08, August 2022, ISSN: 2349-5162.

  1. Dr. Virendra Kumar, Er. Rajesh Kumar Paswan, “Residual strength of alkali-activated concrete slag concrete” Journal of Structure and fire engineering January-2022.
  2. Rajesh Kumar Paswan, Dr. Virendra Kumar, “Flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beam using alkali-activated binder” International Journal of sustainable construction Engineering and Technology, February-2023.
  3. Er. Rajesh Kumar Paswan, Er. Sandeep Kumar Dubey, Er. Rajni “Removal of Heavy Metal by using AFC Polymer” Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ISSN: 2278-0181 Volume 4, Issue 03, Paper ID -I036538.
  4. Er. Rajni, Er. Rajesh Kumar Paswan, Er. Sandeep Kumar Dubey” Evaluation of Ground Water Artificial Recharge Wells in Chandigarh (U.T International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ISSN: 2278-0181” Volume 4, Issue 03, Paper ID -I036538.
  5. Dilip Kumar Jha, R K Paswan, S K Dubey “Miso Scale Hydrological Modelling for Kedar Nath Flood, Uttarakhand” International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ISSN: 2278- Volume 4, Issue 03, Paper ID -I036538.

  • A book Chapter on Pre-Monsoon Ground Water Quality Assessment of Ghatagaon Block, Kendujhar district, Odisha, India Using IDW (Inverse Distance Weighted) Inerpolation method published in vistas in geological research special publication in geology (19) March 2023, pp. 148-157, published by Department of Geology Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-751004 & Alumni Association. ISBN 978-93-5813-109-3.


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