Tech Club Of Rvscet: S.W.A.T

The Tech Club of RVSCET is an autonomous branch of college which consists of students working on highly sophisticated technological advancements. The group comprises of students from all the branches, who come together to share, explore and increase their comprehension in the field of science and technology. The Tech Club of RVSCET has the name SWAT, which means ‘Students Working on Advanced Technology’. The students here conduct workshops, technical fests, technical seminars and various kind of special projects.

Provenance is the annual techno-cultural festival of RVSCET which is destined to be hosted every year since 2018. 2018 marked the beginning of a different tradition in RVSCET, where technicality met the culture of our society. Those who have technical capabilities, as well as they who hold cultural capabilities, come together to perform and give their best. It’s the perfect platform for all the students to show their inner capabilities. Breakfast of RVSCET consists of many thrilling events ranging from Tech activities, brain wrecking active seminars, mind capturing performances along with other entertaining activities.