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16th May 2024, Diploma in Engineering,R.V.S.C.E.T held a Voting Awareness Campaign aimed at educating and encouraging the local villagers to exercise their voting rights. The event was inaugurated by the esteemed Treasurer of R.V.S. Educational Trust, Mr.Shatrughan Singh, and honored with the presence, Prof.(Dr.) Rajesh Kumar Tiwari, the respected Principal of R V.S.C.E.T. The campaign was initiated by the P/I of Diploma in Engineering, Prof. Amit Kumar Sinha and coordinated by the faculty members, Prof. Rashika Dadiyala and Prof. Sudha Kumari Jha. The National Service Scheme (NSS) activity was overseen by Mr. Atma Prasad, the warden of the Boys Hostel, along with staff member, Mr. Prahlad Gope. The students of Diploma participated enthusiastically, creating and chanting slogans to raise awareness about the importance of voting. They engaged directly with the villagers, educating them on the significance of casting their votes in the upcoming election on 25th May 2024 at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. The event was a remarkable success, fostering a sense of civic duty and empowering the villagers to actively participate in the democratic process.