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The MapMyIndia Campus Drive at RVSCET aimed to activate prospects and foster valuable connections with potential candidates. The drive was strategically designed to attract talent and create awareness about the opportunities MapMyIndia offers.

Pre-Drive Activities:

  • Engaged in extensive pre-drive promotion through social media, campus newsletters, and posters.
  • Conducted informational sessions to provide insights into MapMyIndia’s vision, values, and career growth prospects.

On-Campus Presence:

Set up an informative booth with engaging visuals and company literature.

Conducted interactive sessions to address queries and showcase the benefits of joining MapMyIndia.

Collaborated with college faculty to ensure maximum student participation.

Recruitment Process:

Implemented a streamlined recruitment process, including resume screening, aptitude tests, and technical interviews.

Leveraged technology to facilitate a smooth and efficient evaluation of candidates.

Post-Drive Follow-up:

Shared personalized feedback with candidates, emphasizing areas for improvement.

Maintained open communication channels with shortlisted candidates of CSE and MCA for further steps in the hiring process.


Successfully activated a pool of enthusiastic prospects interested in MapMyIndia.

Strengthened the employer brand on campus, creating a positive image among students.

Identified and shortlisted potential candidates for future .


  • The MapMyIndia Campus Drive at RVSCET proved to be a mutually beneficial event, fostering a positive employer-student relationship. The thorough planning, engaging activities, and transparent communication contributed to the success of the drive.





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