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AR has got into the real world bringing a lot of new options and solutions. Imagine the mirror which on Sunday morning shows you the style which suits you best. Actually, now with snowballed development of AR products this mirror is a reality, AR transcends our ordinary way of life and creates new experiences being of use from beauty industry to neuroscience and army. In 2017 AR became familiar almost to every person who searched word “augmented” in Google and definitely for all technologically progressive people. However, 2018 promises to bring even heavier investments in AR as the need of its products grows with understanding how AR can change every area starting with marketing.

Virtual reality has started expanding already and on its verse to explode, especially with the consistent increase in the demand associated with mobile Virtual Reality solutions and apps from consumers and enterprises. The entire VR market gives a pool of opportunities for many innovative companies associated with mobile app development.

We all know a lot of people, yet we tend to forget names. Names are rather difficult things to remember, especially when you scale to the thousands of contacts. In comes our good friend Augmented Reality which can process Face Recognition (software techniques) in real-time, and display an interface around a person which displays their name.

If you’ve never been to a region, getting lost is easy. If you’ve never driven in an area, you can get lost, unless you have a dedicated GPS Navigation device. It is implied that Walking and Driving Navigation will be a major component of Augmented Reality.

I read one really good article about AR games.

They’ve done a huge job to collect all the AR games that are worth your attention. Using the Apptopia app, they also prepared monthly downloads and total revenue overviews for the most popular of them.
Here are some examples from there.
Pokemon go
Life is crime
Parallel mafia etc.

Augmented reality can be used in other fields also and have some great scope-

. Military e.g. used in military to provide locations of enemy positions.
. Medical Research e.g. about anatomy training for medical students

. Education e.g. to explore the aspects of an ancient civilization as part of a history lesson.
. Marketing and Commercial e.g. can be used to promote a new product
. Industry e.g. helping with prototyping (engineering)
. Safety e.g. used as part of a road safety campaign
. Art and Architecture e.g. as part of a mixed media artwork.

Its destined that future will belong to the Augmented Reality, when it improves the task efficiency and the quality of the output of the user’s experience. This is the key challenge of the 21st century – to enter the science-fiction we have only watched on a TV and sci-fi movies.

Courtesy- Mr. Siddhant Ranjan
Department of Civil Engineering
Batch of 2017-21