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The wind is blowing away from the world,
Touching the glaciers sometimes as a sword.
I just wanted the wind to warm my heart with a glee,
But with melancholy I say it was stopped with a sheltered lee.
For the world and not just for me,
From the tiny tots playing near the sea,
To the grandmother having an evening walk so free,
And to the blossoms shimmering all over the tree.
The wind must caress each one so gently,
So that the day of the person goes on very fluently.
While having the morning walk for a mile,
And the day of the person ends with a perfect smile.
I am the person who has seen misery in front of my eyes,
The wind when not blowing for me even for pies.
Taking dreams of flying high in the skies,
A day would surely come when I would have a perfect rise.
I see the blood of pain coming out from my heart,
Remembering the journey of my life I have had from the start.
Exaggerated with the thunders,
And facing through many defeats as blunders.
For the people and not for me O’ Lord,
To remove the miseries and set the world so free,
Blow the wind I pray, thou God,
And fill everyone with enthusiasm and glee.
Courtesy: Mr. Manish Kanjilal
Department of Computer Science Engineering (2016-20)