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Let me start by asking a simple question – what is the basic difference between us and so called ‘animals’? What do we actually infer for being humans? If we had actually known the answer to this question, I think we might never have needed to question ‘humanity,’ which had been quite a concern over ages.

Among this, the practice of caging the animals raises the most prior challenge. I can’t find a reason why animals are kept under captivity? They too, are the vital creation of nature and they have the right to live freely in the wild. They are living creatures, just as we are and no one has us in the cages. We, by doing so, disturb their natural habitat and this can be an awful sight to both, the humans and the nature. It is an image that underlines the callousness with which humans treat not only the other creatures but with themselves too. Voices must be raised for the ones who be heard, cause if we won’t now, we will be the ones to be questioned. According to scientists from the Natural Conservation Society (US based recognised institution,) animals held under captivity tend to lose their natural instincts more than the ones who are in the woods, and losing those instincts lead to a shorter life.

As a human, as being us, we can at least respect and protect their rights, by looking in our field of interests regarding animals and by at least not caging them. Let them be free, let them explore their own mystique world. If I shortlist my synopsis here –


Contributed by: Ms. Shalini Kumari

Department of Computer Science Engineering (Batch of 2016-20)