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Christmas, Yule, Xmas is a festival celebrated on 25th of December on the memory of the birth of Lord Christ. It is the time of the year when late mornings, hot chocolates and bonfires become a part of our daily routine. No matter what we were doing the whole month but when Christmas is near, all that remains in our minds are Christmas carols, Santa starts coming in our dreams and the Christmas tree decoration is stared. All the shopping preparations, plans of parties, Christmas dinners and all such things. It becomes our schedule as if they are a part of our life yet in between everything, making us busy we don’t get tired even a bit because that is the essence of winter – the magic of Christmas. Traditional ‘fir’ Christmas trees are popular and children leave a stocking out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The gift bearer is Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The Christmas meal is mince pies, turkey, roast beef or a barbecue outdoors. The meal is finished with Christmas pudding.

Christmas is celebrated at different places, every church area on a different date like orthodox churches in Russia, Serbia, Jerusalem and some other countries use the old Julian calendar and they celebrate Christmas on January 7th.

And it’s a very special day for not only Christians but also the other religions in the world as they are celebrated with all heart.  Many countries all around the world celebrate it, despite their low number of Christians in their country. Because of this festival as its own unique charm. Christmas is literally “the mass for Christ”, the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. The western date for Jesus’ birth is quite arbitrary. It was chosen by Pope Leo I, Bishop of Rome (440-461), to coincide with the Festival of the Saturnalia when Romans worshiped Saturn, the sun god.

The magic of Christmas stays in our heart for a very long time every Christmas brings, a new world of wonders to our lives, a new world of excitement, a new world of fun, a new world of calmness. The whole meaning of Christmas is to celebrate with the masses of people. First, we start with advent which can also be known as the preparations for Christmas. During this time, it is the first time when we start feeling the essence of Christmas.

The feeling of Santa collecting the name list, Advent lasts for 40 days. During these days, many churches follow different traditions some even go to the extent of fasting. This is all to prepare for the arrival of Lord Jesus Christ. After advent traditional Christmas feast starts and is celebrated for 12 days after that and on the last day epiphany is celebrated. It is the day when three wise kings go and meet Lord Jesus Christ.

Christmas is typically a peak selling season for retailers in many nations around the world. Sales increase dramatically as people purchase gifts, decorative item, and supplies to celebrate. In the U.S., the “Christmas shopping season” starts as early as October. In Canada, merchants begin advertising campaigns just before Halloween (October 31) and step up their marketing following Remembrance Day on November 11. In the UK and Ireland, the Christmas shopping season starts from mid-November, around the time when high street Christmas lights are turned on. In the United States, it has been calculated that a quarter of all personal spending takes place during the Christmas/holiday shopping season. In most Western nations, Christmas Day is the least active day of the year for business and commerce; almost all retail, commercial and institutional businesses are closed, and almost all industries cease activity (more than any other day of the year), whether laws require such or not.

The practice of putting up special decorations at Christmas has a long history. In the 15th century, it was recorded that in London it was the custom at Christmas for every house and all the parish churches to be “decked with holms, ivy, bays, and whatsoever the season of the year afforded to be green. The heart-shaped leaves of ivy were said to symbolize the coming to Earth of Jesus, while holly was seen as protection against pagans and witches, its thorns and red berries held to represent the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus at the crucifixion and the blood he shed. Christians believe that Jesus is the light of the world, so the early Christians thought that this was the right time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They also took over some of the customs from the Winter Solstice and gave them Christian meanings, like Holly, Mistletoe. Even Christmas Carols for the Christian celebration of Christmas, the viewing of the Nativity play is one of the oldest Christmas time traditions, with the first re-enactment of the Nativity of Jesus taking place in A.D. 1223. In France, Germany, Mexico and Spain, Nativity plays are often re-enacted outdoors in the streets.

One of the main things about Christmas that everyone despite age or religion are the Christmas cuisines here they come my fellow foodies every country has their own Christmas cuisines all around the world like Kūčios is a famous Christmas dish in Lithuania, Latkes in Israel Christmas Goose in Germany, Panettone in Italy. On this day people dress like Santa clause and distribute gifts to children in malls and some other such places as parks and schools. The festival of Christmas high is said one of the major events around the whole world due to its popularity and special effects on people all around the world. The fire ignites in the hearts of the people despite age or caste that even in such, cold weather they enjoy this festival full of their heart’s content is truly a fascinating view to see. This is the magic of Christmas. Christmas comes with all kinds of happiness, gifts, new experiences, free feelings and calmness. It feels free to soar above the seven clouds.


Contributed by: Mr. Mohit Tripathi

Department of Computer Science Engineering

(Batch of 2018-22)