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Jamshedpur: March 27- An Iftar party was organized at RVS College of Engineering  & Technology, Jamshedpur in the auditorium of the college. The Principal of the college, Prof (Dr) Rajesh Kumar Tiwari took the initiative to organise the event.  In the auditorium, around 6:00 PM nearly 50 staff assembled. The Governing Body Member of RVS Educational Trust is Mr. Shakti Singh, Principal, Prof (Dr).  Rajesh Kumar Tiwari, T&P Head Dr. Vikram Sharma, all Deens, HODs, faculty members, and staff participated in the party. BOG member Mr. Shakti Singh wished all the people present there ‘Happy Ramadan’  and advised the principal to organize an Iftar  Party every year. Irrespective of religion, people of all communities participated in it. The assembling of the people was the true picture of ‘Unity in Diversity’. All the people celebrated this occasion with a deep sense of religiosity. Various kinds of delicious food items were served. Dr. Shamsher Alam, Dr. S. P. Singh, Prof. Sushant Mohanty, Prof Rahul Ranjan, Profs. Sadan Bashar, Mr. Sarwar Ali, and other  Committee members successfully organized the event.