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A very happy and prosperous new year to all.

Once again we are at the doorstep of a new year. New Year is a perfect time for new hopes, new aspirations, new designs, new ideas, new perspectives, new strategies and lots more. Why not clean our hearts and forget all the grudges that we bear in our hearts and minds? While we are busy welcoming the novelties, we must be well fastened with our roots. Our Indian cultures and traditions, our etiquette and moral values should be given their due place in our hearts and actions.

Change of year is an astronomical event. The time taken by the Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun is called a ‘year’.  Figuratively, the Earth takes 365 days 5 hours to complete one revolution.

When we entered into 2018, a lot of people accompanied us who are no more. We are fortunate enough to get an opportunity of cherishing this day, for which we should be thankful to God. It is said that the real service to God is service to mankind. Along with being thankful to God, let’s fulfill our humanitarian duties.

Let us pray that each one of us gets all the happiness, success, peace, prosperity and worldly fortunes. Let there be unity and brevity all around. Hope that everyone wins every challenge life offers and the world becomes a paradise to live in. But just praying and hoping won’t reap any significant benefits unless we try to fulfill our wishes. That is possible only if in the new year, we utilise our time judiciously. This does not mean that we set down to work and have no recreation. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We should properly manage our time.  Let us help and support the people around us, be kind towards animals, plant more and more trees besides protecting the existing ones, and ensure safety of all the species.

In the year 2018, we went through a number of ups and downs, like the breathtaking sportiness witnessed in the Asian Games and the successful rescue of 12 Thai kids from a cave; the devastating flood in Kerala which caused irreparable loss and the maltreatment rendered to children in Syria and so on. It was no less than a roller coaster ride amidst good times and hardships. Wishing that 2019 be a blissful and peaceful year.

Recently the holy festival of Christmas was celebrated. God has showered His blessings on all of us and equipped us with the power of bringing happiness and jolliness in the world and amongst the creatures. Everyone must have thought of a resolution for the year, but we can share one common resolution. The common resolution would be of increasing the number of smiling faces. It is time to be smile distributors.

A news is in the air that we are on the downside of the civilization. The global citizens, especially the youth ought to strive hard to put an end to such rumours and make it the brightest side of civilization. In the new year, it’s high time to join hands for the upliftment of living standards globally and live the year in the most productive way.

Once again, have a happy and joyful new year and shining days ahead!


Contributed by: Ms. Apurva Raj

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Batch of 2017-21