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RVS Engineering College and Technology kicked off the academic year with flair at the Freshers’ Party on 11th December 2023. The vibrant event, hosted at the Fires & Flames Banquet and Discotheque, was a fantastic occasion for new students to mingle, forge connections, and build lasting memories as they began their academic adventure.

Event Highlights:

1. Heartwarming Welcome:

The festivities started at 3:00 PM with a cordial greeting from the organizing committee. Smiles and lively decorations welcomed students, creating a vibrant ambiance for the evening.

2. Energetic Music and Dance:

Fires & Flames Banquet and Discotheque throbbed with lively music, captivating the crowd on the dance floor. A skilled DJ curated a diverse playlist, ensuring a dynamic atmosphere throughout the event.

3. Dazzling Dance Performances:

Students dazzled with solo, duet, and group dance routines, adding a touch of glamour to the evening and leaving the audience in awe.

4. Photo Booth and Keepsakes:

A photo booth captured memorable moments, allowing students to create lasting memories with friends. Personalized memorabilia like mugs and keychains were distributed as souvenirs, ensuring the event’s memories endure.

5. Highlighting the evening was the eagerly anticipated Mr. and Miss Fresher contest: where students showcased their talents, confidence, and personalities in diverse categories. The victorious participants were crowned and celebrated with immense enthusiasm, adding a memorable touch to the event.

In conclusion, the Freshers’ Party at RVS College and Technology stood as a resounding success, a testament to the dedication and hard work of the student organizers. Beyond being a celebration, it served as a platform for students to connect, showcase their talents, and forge enduring friendships. As the event wrapped up at 7:00 PM, departing students carried smiles, eager for the academic journey ahead at R.V.S.C.E.T.

The party marked a joyous occasion and reflected the institution’s vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. It established a positive tone for the upcoming academic year, ensuring that new students felt welcomed and an integral part of the R.V.S.C.E.T. family from day one.


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