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RVSCET recently hosted a transformative one-day workshop on gender equity by IQAC, featuring insightful sessions and empowering discussions. The event aimed to foster awareness and sensitivity towards gender-related issues within the campus community. Diverse topics were covered, including breaking stereotypes, promoting inclusivity, and creating an environment that supports gender equality.The workshop began with an impactful opening address by Expert speakers  Sandeep swarn(Education Incharge, prabhat khabar),Dr. Anita kumari(Asst. Professor,cooperative college) and Dr. Nidhi shrivastavas(principal,vivekanand school) shared their insights on the importance of gender equity and sensitization, offering practical strategies for creating an inclusive campus culture. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, encouraging open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

One of the highlights was the inclusion of real-life case studies, providing a contextual understanding of the challenges faced by individuals in different gender identities. Attendees actively participated in group activities, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding. The day concluded with a reflection session, allowing participants to share their key takeaways and commit to promoting gender equity within the community.

Interactive activities, such as role-playing scenarios and group discussions, allowed participants to explore practical solutions and strategies for fostering a gender-sensitive campus. The emphasis was on creating a safe space where everyone felt heard, valued, and respected, regardless of their gender identity.

Expert speakers not only provided theoretical insights but also shared practical tools and resources for creating gender-sensitive policies within the educational institution. The workshop also highlighted the significance of allyship, encouraging participants to actively support and advocate for gender equity in their daily interactions.

The event garnered positive feedback from participants who appreciated the college’s commitment to creating an environment that values diversity and inclusion. Moving forward, RVSCET aims to build on the momentum generated by this workshop, implementing ongoing initiatives to further embed gender equity principles into the fabric of campus life.



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