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RVS College of Engineering and Technology (RVSCET) going to host its inaugural Alumni Meet in Bangalore in association with alumni association of RVSCET, Jamshedpur on 21st April’24(Sunday) that will bring together alumni from various batches to reminisce, network, and celebrate the institution’s rich legacy and achievements. The event meet will serve as a platform for reconnecting, sharing experiences, and fostering collaborations among Alumni, faculties and students. Distinguished alumni will share their career journeys, highlighting with how their education at RVSCET prepared them for success in their respective fields. These talks surely will inspire the current students and underscore the value of the institution’s academic programs.

The event will strengthen the bond between the college and its alumni, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among graduates spread across different industries and geographical locations. Alumni also leverage the event to expand their professional networks, forge new connections, and explore collaborations with peers and industry stakeholders.

As the college continues to nurture and empower future generations of engineers and technologists, events like these will play a pivotal role in strengthening alumni relations. Hope you all like the arrangement made for your reunion and would delighted by your presence. Wish you a wonderful evening and splendid experience to come together and celebrate.