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Six days a week with seven hours of continuous lecture,Teachers are on fire.

Well really they have burnt mid night oil and prepared themselves to became fire.They are on fire like jaguar.

Now talking about students, we students are non luminous. Not all but taking about us (ya in us we both are included).some students are really luminous like petrol which can catch fire just with a small beam of light.

But You and me are illuminous. We just can’t ignite by just one beam of light.

Now coming about what we are?

We also have a category in the language of science.

luminescence, fluorescence, and phosphorescence??

Neither we are fluorescence nor phosphorescence!!

We are proudly Luminescence.

So before feeling proud we just have to understand the difference between these three because we also want to feel proud,we have the right of feeling proud!

We(just you and me) have a very good habit of finding a good thing between worst things.

So talking about fluorescence,
Fluorescent materials produce light instantly, when the atoms inside them absorb energy and become “excited.”
Phosphorescent materials work in much the same way as fluorescent ones, except that there’s a delay between them absorbing energy and giving out light.


What other types of luminescence are there?

Shine light on a luminous watch and it shines straight back at you. That’s an example of what we call photoluminescence: luminescence made by light.

Proudly we are luminescence. Yes or no??

Some of us exceptions can also say that we are bioluminescent.

So what about this?
Fireflies and glow-worms (their larvae) are the best-known examples of bioluminescent creatures.

Courtesy: Mr. Uttam Kumar Das
Department of ECE
(Batch of 2017-21)