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Honourable Vice-Chancellor of JUT, Ranchi addressed students and faculties of RVS College of Engineering and Technology on NEP-2020. 
The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is like a set of rules made by the Indian government about how students should learn in schools and colleges. They decided on these rules in July 2020. The idea behind these rules is to make big and good changes in how students are taught, starting from school and going up to college.

We are honored to have Dr. D. K Singh, Vice Chancellor of Jharkhand University of Technology, share valuable insights on NEP 2020 and his keen observation of cognitive development, student demographics, and content performance.
• He briefly introduced the National Education Policy 2020.
• Mention the policy’s significance in shaping India’s Education System.

• He discussed changes in the school and college education systems.
• Emphasize any innovative approaches introduced, such as the 5+3+3+4 structure, language policy, and technology integration.
• Discussed how the policy aims to benefit students.
• Further he highlighted changes in the learning approach, assessment methods, and flexibility in choosing subjects.
• He also discussed about the importance of teacher training and continuous professional development.

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